About us


The best of our land

The LOJA brand represents a family business. We have been happily living and working together for already three generations. Our small home garden has grown to a considerable farm in North Vidzeme.

We are true patriots of Mazsalaca. Here agriculture has almost universally been the foundation for people’s lives for a long time. The nature of Mazsalaca is the most beautiful workplace in the world! Usually all our thoughts and efforts are directed towards production of grains and seeds that form the basis of our farming.

We also cultivate hemp which is exceptionally valuable and can be consumed in a multitude of ways. There is no need to search for exotic superfoods when we have one right here! And it is not the only one. In Latvia, we can grow everything we need to provide ourselves with tasty, varied, and healthy food! And we believe that the best comes from our own land!


SIA "Spelta", Valmiera municipality,
Mazsalaca rural territory, “Tīrumnieki”
Phone: +371 291 82 030